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Pride Info Sessions

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Villa Vida Cafe opened on June 1, 2019 just as Europride Vienna kicked off. We were so excited to be able to open a queer community cafe during Euro Pride.

We had visitors from around the world that wanted to learn more about the projects in the Türkis Rosa Lila Villa.

Our series: Voices at the Villa offered various educational/info sessions led by experts in the Vienna queer community.

The program included:

    • Own Your Sexual Health by Anne Stöckelmaier a sexual counseling training with OeGF (Österreichische Gesellschaft für Familienplanung)

    • Queer Refugees by Cécile Balbous from QueerBase, an organization for LGBTIQ Refugees

    • Queerness in Schools by Claudia Schneider from the Der Verein EfEU
      (Association for the Development of Feminist Educational and Teaching Models)

    • Queer History
      by Hannes Sulzenbacher from the QWIEN Center for Queer History

    • Ask a Polyamorous Person by Sky and Rhonda from the PolyaVienna Polyamorous Community in Vienna

    • Safer Sex by Jules Gleeson

    • Abortion Visibility by Franziska Kabisch

    • Queer & Deaf  by Barbara Reumüller from Queer as Deaf. Deaf lesbians, gays and transgender people in Austria


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We would like to continue to offer educational sessions during pride and throughout the year. If you are interested in giving a session, please contact us at contact (at)