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Press Release: Drag Is Not A Crime


Drag Is NOT A Crime!

Villa Vida Cafe and Queens Brunch Condemn Right-Wing Efforts to Silence Drag Storytime Program for Children.

Vienna, Austria – Villa Vida Cafe and Queens Brunch stand firmly against the recent wave of protests organized by right-wing groups aimed at canceling their Drag Storytime program for children. The protests are a clear attempt to quell free speech and further marginalize the LGBTQIA+ community in Austria. #dragisnotacrime

Queens Brunch created “Drag Storytime 4 Kids” for all parents and caregivers to come together with their children and learn the value of diversity, inclusion, representation, self-love, acceptance, and freedom of expression. At Villa Vida Cafe, we firmly believe that all children have the right to access and learn from stories that celebrate different identities and experiences. We stand behind our commitment to continue to provide this important program to our community.

Misleading reports about the Drag Queen Storytime Event at Villa Vida have been published. Clips and photos of unrelated drag shows and even of drag shows that were not in Europe were shown while discussing our event. We condemn this misrepresentation. Our Drag Storytime has an environment that is child friendly, age-appropriate, and entertaining.

We are calling on all supporters of inclusion and belonging to join us on April 16, 2023, from 10 am to 2 pm at Villa Vida Cafe to show solidarity and support for the Drag Storytime program for children. The Storytime program features drag artists presenting and dramatizing children’s books for an all-ages audience. Our community needs to come together to resist attempts by right-wing groups to further intimidate marginalized groups, such as the LGBTQIA+ community.

Villa Vida opened in 2019 as a queer community cafe and quickly became an essential hub of the LGBTIQ community in Vienna. Through the owner, Denise Van De Cruze, Villa Vida has produced the Queer Feminist Festival, The Queer Vienna Mutual Aid Fund, and Activate Queer Teen Club. The cafe is open daily, has countless events, and hosts all people with love and respect.

Queens Brunch has created the largest community of drag queens in Vienna. At Villa Vida they have featured over 100 drag queens from all over the world as well as Austria. Performers have been given the opportunity to network, workshop their performance and perform in an all-ages environment. Together, they have created an unforgettable experience in the heart of Vienna.

This queer community refuses to be silenced and stands proud in our artistry and message of acceptance. Villa Vida Cafe and Queens Brunch Vienna are committed to creating safer and more inclusive space for all members of our society, and we will continue to fight against discrimination, bigotry, and hate. Vienna should remain a beacon of tolerance and diversity within Europe.

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