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Queer Vienna Mutual Action Fund

The Queer Vienna Mutual Action Fund provides urgent and accessible resources to queer folx in Vienna. 

Experiences of queerness are multitude. Many in our Vienna queer community are fortunate enough to experience stability and abundance. However, too many unseen LGBTQIA+ people experience dire hardship every day. Without the privilege or knowledge necessary to navigate formal systems, the most vulnerable find themselves locked out of basic care. More info

Past Projects

Solidarity with Bratislava

Love Has No Borders 
Wien X Bratislava
Solidarity Event Fundraiser
Saturday, Nov 12, 2022

Artwork by Hela Mede

A MASSIVE THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO contributed time, money, skills and love to the fundraiser LOVE HAS NO BORDERS on 12 November 2022 at Villa Vida Cafe.

The event was organised by Villa Vida and Queens Brunch Vienna, following the tragic homophobic attack on Teplaren bar in Bratislava in October, where 2 people were killed and 1 seriously injured.

LOVE HAS NO BORDERS brought together LGBTQIA+ performers, artists, and organisers from Villa Vida, Queens Brunch, and Verein communities. In solidarity with Bratislava queer communities, we raised 684.82 via Eventbrite and cash donations. This was topped up by Verein to make a 1,000EUR donation to Teplaren bar Bratislava.

Slovakia is very conservative and they are working in an environment where explicit homophobia and hate speech are widely acceptable. Romam, the owner of Teplaren said that the money will make a real difference. It means that Teplaren can continue the work it does to educate businesses, schools, and politicians about LGBTQIA+ rights, as well as be a social space for Bratislava queer communities. Currently, their budget will cover this work until May.

Along with the cash donation, JG Danso and Angela gifted Bratislava queer communities the poetry artwork A Thousand Ships by JG Danso. Teplaren presented them with powerful artwork by Ivana Satekova as a thank you to the Villa Vida, Queens Brunch and Verein communities behind the fundraiser.

Whilst at Teplaren, JG Danso, and Angela also met with organisers in queer arts and advocacy @iniciativa.inakost to talk about queer solidarity, intersectionality, anti-racism, learning, mutual support, and empowerment between LGBTQIA+ communities in Bratislava and Vienna.

Public interest in the attack might have lessened, but behind the scenes, Villa Vida and Verein are working hard to continue cooperation with Teplaren and strengthen the exchange with queer communities in Slovakia.

Drag Up Vienna!

Villa Vida Cafe and Queens Brunch stand firmly against the recent wave of protests organised by right-wing groups aimed at canceling their Drag Storytime program for children. The protests are a clear attempt to quell free speech and further marginalise the LGBTQIA+ community in Austria. #dragisnotacrime

Queens Brunch created “Drag Storytime 4 Kids” for all parents and caregivers to come together with their children and learn the value of diversity, inclusion, representation, self-love, acceptance and freedom of expression. At Villa Vida Cafe, we firmly believe that all children have the right to access and learn from stories that celebrate different identities and experiences. We stand behind our commitment to continue to provide this important program to our community.

We are calling on all supporters of inclusion and belonging to join us on April 16, 2023, from 10am to 2pm at Villa Vida Cafe to show solidarity and support for the Drag Storytime program for children. The Storytime program features drag artists presenting and dramatising children’s books for an all-ages audience. Our community needs to come together to resist attempts by right-wing groups to further intimidate marginalised groups, such as the LGBTQIA+ community.