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Pride in Community: A Celebration of Vienna’s LGBTQIA+ Organizations

“Pride in Community” is a celebration of Vienna’s LGBTQIA+ organizations. It is an interview series to educate the broader community about the important work that is being done to support queer folks in Vienna.

At Villa Vida, we often field questions about resources for queer people in Vienna. So this series is an effort to connect the resources in the form of various LGBTIAP+ organizations with the people who need them the most. These organizations have been crucial in helping the Villa Vida team find help especially for the most vulnerable members of our queer community.

We will be releasing short interviews with different organizations that explain this work for the rest of the year so stay tuned!

The Pride in Community series is a labor of love. It is filmed, edited, and produced by Denise (@miasolista on instagram) when she is not making you drinks or making you smile.

Watch the trailer for the Pride in Community series here: