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Black History Month at Villa Vida

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Hey Villa Vida Lovers!

As we step into February, we’re not just marking the pages of the calendar; we’re diving into a month dedicated to honoring and celebrating the rich tapestry of Black history. At Villa Vida, we embrace diversity, honor intersectionality, and stand as a space for all to feel seen, heard, and loved. This month, we’re turning up the volume to celebrate the incredible contributions of Black individuals to our shared history and the LGBTQ+ community.

As part of the citywide series of actions to celebrate BHM, Villa Vida will be hosting four special events in the month of February. Firstly, on Feb. 17 we will amplify Black voices with our BHM rendition of Open Mic, hosted by Tayla Myree. Come celebrate Black joy and resistance with us! At the open mic you can perform anything ranging from poetry , music , dance, or anything else creative that you have in mind. In the spirit of Black History Month, acts by Black participants will be prioritized for performance. We are looking forward to your participation! Sign-up: If you have any questions please email Tayla Myree:

Secondly, as part of our series of events for Black History Month, we will present Crown Cafe, the ultimate celebration of Black hair care! **This is event is only for Black people**. Join us for a dynamic Skillshare event where we’ll share tips, tricks, and techniques for styling our hair. From twists and braids to natural curls, let’s guide each other through the art of caring for our crown. Come ready to learn, connect, and celebrate the beauty of Black hair at Crown Cafe! Bring your favorite products, combs and we will discover our hair together.

Additionally, you can join us for a mouthwatering celebration of culture and community at our ‘Delicious Diaspora’ potluck event, a special installment in our Black History Month celebration series. Bring your favorite dishes that represent the rich tapestry of our diaspora. Let’s come together, share stories, and savor the flavors that connect us to our roots and each other. Delicious Diaspora is not just a potluck; it’s a culinary journey through history, a feast of heritage, and a celebration of the diverse tastes that make up our beautiful diaspora.

Finally, we will be hosting ‘Manifest’, a unique gathering in our Black History Month celebration series during which we’ll create a collective zine archiving our experiences as part of the Black community in Vienna. **This is event is only for Black people**. At Manifest, we aim to create a space for dialogue, reflection, artistic expression and collective memory/ history making. Come and contribute your own experiences to our collective narrative. Sip on inspiration, share your stories, and be a part of Manifest!

Let’s use this month as a catalyst for fostering connections and cultivating a community that thrives on respect and love. Join us in creating a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere where diversity is celebrated every day. Happy Black History Month!