Villa Vida Cafe opened on June 1, 2019 just as Europride Vienna kicked off. We were so excited to be able to open a queer community cafe during Euro Pride.

We had visitors from around the world that wanted to learn more about the projects in the Türkis Rosa Lila Villa.

Our series: Voices at the Villa offered various educational/info sessions led by experts in the Vienna queer community.

The program included:

    • Own Your Sexual Health by Anne Stöckelmaier a sexual counseling training with OeGF (Österreichische Gesellschaft für Familienplanung)

    • Queer Refugees by Cécile Balbous from QueerBase, an organization for LGBTIQ Refugees

    • Queerness in Schools by Claudia Schneider from the Der Verein EfEU
      (Association for the Development of Feminist Educational and Teaching Models)

    • Queer History
      by Hannes Sulzenbacher from the QWIEN Center for Queer History

    • Ask a Polyamorous Person by Sky and Rhonda from the PolyaVienna Polyamorous Community in Vienna

    • Safer Sex by Jules Gleeson

    • Abortion Visibility by Franziska Kabisch

    • Queer & Deaf  by Barbara Reumüller from Queer as Deaf. Deaf lesbians, gays and transgender people in Austria

We would like to continue to offer educational sessions during pride and throughout the year. If you are interested in giving a session, please contact us at contact (at)